Monday, July 23, 2018

Quality Management System

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                                                                   Quality Management Policy

1-   Improvement in the quality of NCC products and services

2-   Increased staff productivity, capability and satisfaction,  through increased knowledge and know-how, gained by effective training.

3-    Improvement of organizational processes, aimed at continuously improving the effectiveness of NCC’s Quality Management System.

4-   Identifying and providing for client needs in order to ensure client satisfaction.

5-   Utilizing modern production equipment and technologies.


The above objectives have been structured in such a way as to guarantee a dynamic and effective quality management system, based on ISO9001:2000. Therefore, authority is granted to the Management Representative to design, implement, monitor and review the quality system, as described in the Quality Manual, and to make any necessary changes.

All staff are required to understand and implement this quality policy, and to discharge their responsibilities in such a way that will enforce and maintain it.


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