Monday, July 23, 2018

The Goals and Tasks of NCC

The Goals of NCC 

Expansion and improvement of base data, reference frameworks and spatial data infrastructure for effective participation in planning and sustainable development of the country

Strengthening the authority of NCC in compilation and developing standards and technical requirements to ensure quality, interactivity and stability

Promotion of inter-organizational interactions at national, regional and international levels to enhance effectiveness of NCC

Expanding the level of social interaction of NCC along with mutual understanding of NCC and society

Expanding research activities of NCC with emphasis on applied and development research

Proposing and following up the approval of laws and regulations to strengthen the sovereignty of NCC

Playing a key role in pre-warning and crisis management

Promoting the role of NCC in technical and executive system of the country

Facilitating and accelerating public access to various products and services of NCC

Developing and updating new technologies and products

Developing the sustainable income resources

 Promoting NCC in to an agile, learner and productive organization


Design and implementation of fundamental surveying operations such as establishing national geodetic, precise leveling, gravimetric and geodynamic networks

Updating the 1:25,000 base maps of the country and other scales along with economic, social and cultural development programs of the country

Determining and improvingthe Datums such as national and local geoids, reference ellipsoid, mean sea level and map projection systems

Establishing permanent GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) stations and providing related services

Producing required maps and updating them for development plan projects of ministries, government organizations and private sector

Performing aerial photography as well as film and digital image production, and related processing required by public and private sector

Design, creation and implementation of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Land Information Systems (LIS) and establishment of National Topographic Database 

Hydrographic operations including creation of base and local charts, tidal data collection and processing, prediction and preparation of tidal tables

Design and implementation of National Atlas project of Iran and thematic atlases as well as their updating and reviewing

Collecting and archiving geographic information and original versions of maps to create geo-database

Quality auditing of surveying activities

Development of standards and necessary instructions for integrity and coherence in the technical and executive work procedures of NCC and other active organizations and institutions in related fields

 Supervision and quality control of all mapping activities performed in public and private sectors and institutions according to international standards

Membership in scientific and technical associations at regional and international levels in surveying engineering sciences complying with relevant rules and regulations

Collaboration and exchange of information with local and international scientific and technical communities

Holding training courses in surveying engineering fields based on related regulations

Holding surveying engineering congresses, conferences and seminars at national, regional and international levels and participating in relevant national and international conferences

Necessary cooperation with Supreme Council of Surveying to fulfillits responsibilities


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