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 Telephone Information Center : +98 21 66071001-7

 Fax Office of Public Relations : +98 21  66071000

 Email Address :

 Address : Iran National Cartographic Center, Meraj Blvd, Azadi Sq, Tehran, Iran

Postal code : 1387835861


 Full name Position Email Address Extension Phone number

Eng.Masoud Shafiei      Director General of National Cartographic Center

Mr.Habibollah Rahmani

Acting Deputy of Administrations, Finance and Support
2206 +98-21-66071020

Dr. Yahya Jamour

Technical Deputy

  Mr. Naser Javadi General Manager of Public Relations and International Cooperation  2467 +98-21-66071117

Mr.Farrokh Zeynalpour
General Manager of Administrations and Development of Human Resources 2377

Eng. Behdad Ghazanfari  General Manager of Supervision and Technical Control 2247

Eng. Mostafa Khosravi

General Manager of Information Technology 2512 +98-21-66071147

Dr.Gholamreza Falahi Head of Surveying College
2258 +98-21-66071130

Dr. Ali Soltanpour Manager of Hydrography and tidal work 2323 +98-21-66071144

Eng. Gholamreza Karimzadeh Manager of Technical services 2448 +98-21-66071100
Eng. Ali Eslami Rad General Manager of Aerial Photogrammetry 2252 +98-21-66071060

Eng. Reza Ahmadyieh Acting General Manager of Geographic Information System (GIS) and SDI  2267 +98-21-66071070

Dr. Abdolreza Saadat Mirghadim General Manager of Geodesy and land surveying 2425 +98-21-66071098

Mr. Naser Daliri General Manager of Accounting and general office of Finance  2359 +98-21-66071050

Eng. Babak Shamee Manager of Cartography and National Atlases 2218 +98-21-66071030
  Eng. Farhad Kianifar
Manager of Planning, budget, Research and Standards 2444 +98-21-66071120
  Eng. Ahmad Rafiee Mirza General Manager of Surveying in the West Region   +98-81-38220959
  Eng. Reza Ranjbar General Manager of surveying in the South and South-East Region   +98-76- 33666803
  Eng. Mohammad Ali Anvari  General Manager of surveying in the North-East Region   +98-51- 38670065
  Eng. Esmail Fakour  General Manager of surveying in the South-West Region    +98-61- 33368550
  Eng. Mohammad Reza Akbari General Manager of surveying in the North-West Region    +98-41- 33320202

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