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Cartography Dept

The following tasks are accomplished here:


·         Production of National Atlases

According to the assignment dated June 1992, National Cartographic Center is responsible organization for production and revision of the National Atlases in Iran. After fulfillment of the Iranian National Atlas project in December 2001, continuous updating of these atlases became the part of NCC’s responsibilities.

Therefore, several atlases were scheduled for revision due to the newly collected statistical data. Nine atlases have been revised and published since the beginning of the revisions in 2002. They are: Geology, Health, Energy, Agriculture, Higher Education, Industry, Animal Husbandry, Fishery, and the General Atlas of Iran. The General Atlas of Iran is an abstract of the all of the mentioned atlases.

Nowadays, revised atlases are published both in paper and digital forms. They are represented on CDs and also prepared for publishment on the web site of NCC. These atlases are in Persian language and there were no public inquiry in other languages.


·         Thematic Mapping

Due to the increase of map users, different types of the maps are being produced in Iran. These maps are mostly published by private sector. Companies with different backgrounds are publishing thematic maps due to the growth of users for the thematic maps. Therefore, a lot of efforts  must be done to prevent low quality maps to be delivered to the users by supervising on the production process carefully.  National Cartographic Center according to its responsibilities encourages companies for production of high quality thematic maps. City maps and tourist maps are the most required maps by public users, whereas statistical maps have also gained a great consideration by decision makers.


·         National Geographical Names Database

Since 2000, National Cartographic Center has been assigned to establish Iranian National Committee for standardization of the Geographical Names (INCSGN). In fact, INCSGN has been organized to congregate and harmonize all activities for standardization of geographical names and has successfully taken necessary steps. One of its main tasks was establishment of the National Geographical Name Database as an official authority for geographical names.

This database is operational and accessible via World Wide Web ( Various search methods have been provided in the site to promulgate registered names.

This site is in Persian language but the database has been furnished with possibility of searching in English alphabet. In the near future, the English version of this site would be available.

Above 100000 names have been included in the Iranian National Geographical Name Database which covers more than 150000 features.


·         Printing House

All activities related to reproduction of the paper based productions, such as copying, prepress, and offset press are accomplished in this section.  NCC`s Printing house is equipped with the latest technology for digital scanning and color separation.  It also has four offset printing machines which enables NCC to execute huge offset printing projects.


·         3D maps

These are among the first products of NCC since its establishment. These maps are small scale topographic maps which are made by hand.  By equipping to the latest laser technology, some steps of this production line have been automated recently. A dramatic progress has been made on 3D map production by improvements in moulding techniques alongside this laser possibility.

These maps are available in frames with a greater durability.


·         International Activities

Since 1995, NCC is formal representative of I.R. Iran at International Cartographic Association

 (ICA). Since then NCC has participated in all map exhibitions which are held by this association and it is proud of winning world quality product for one of its Atlases that was shown in the past ICA exhibition.

The NCC representatives have attended in most of scientific commissions of the association during ICA conferences.  Also several common training courses have been delivered in cooperation with ICA in NCC.


·         United Nation Group of the Experts in Geographical Names (UNGEGN)

In 2000 NCC was assigned by government of Islamic Republic of Iran to establish Iranian National Committee for standardization of the Geographical Names (INCSGN). Two main purposes are followed in this respect. The first aim is to support experts inside Iran who have been working on the above mentioned National Geographical Name Database. Second , to communicate and fulfill national responsibility according to the United Nation projects, specifically UNGEGN. Several working groups have been arranged to support necessary documents for presentations in UNGEGN conferences every 2 years. They also decide on ongoing problems related to different fields of Geographical Names which are subjects of discussions at UNGEGN General Assembly in every 4 years.

The director of NCC is Chair of Iranian National Committee for standardization of the Geographical Names (INCSGN) and the Cartographic Department is secretariat office to the committee.


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