Monday, November 20, 2017


Before September 1941, based on the needs of the country, different surveying offices were established in some ministries. These offices had limited activities in order to meet the needs of their related ministries. During the first Seven Year Development Program of the country (1948-1955), an office in the Plan and Budget Organization of the time (which is now called Vice-presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision) naming “Engineering Agency” was established which surveying was a part of its activities. In 1949, such agency was established in Ministry of Road and Transportation, Ministry of Agriculture, Central Cadastre Organization and Municipality of Tehran based on their Objectives. Those agencies met their own initial needs to mapping sporadically and discordantly. From 1951 foreign consultant engineers attended in the country for project consultation and execution which burdened a heavy charge on the country. During those years a group of Plan and Budget Organization experts came to the idea of to establish an organization with ability to meet all the surveying needs of the country.

By pursuing the issue and in order to provide map of the whole country and harmonize various surveying operations (by different government bodies and institutes in various parts of the country), in May 1953 the government of the time approved the law to establish National Cartographic Center (NCC) affiliated to the Plan and Budget Organization.

At present, NCC is affiliated to the Vice-Presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision. In 1965, the High School of Surveying was established to train required human resources which continued educational activities under the name of Surveying College of NCC up to the present. NCC offers special value services to provide maps of borders during the Iran and Iraq war. During the post-war development period, NCC has been actively involved in valuable and unique services. The project of base maps of the country at 1:25000 (revolutionary project) is one of the major activities. NCC with half a century experience of efficient activity is able to meet various needs for maps and spatial information as the essential elements of planning, management and knowledge-based development of the country by leading different government and private sector institutes involving in spatial information production and supervising on correctness and properness of their services and products.


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